About Our Product

All stages of production in the field of preparation of casings are characterized by the direct and total dependence on human labor, experience and competence, thus this industry shall remain dependent on craftsmanship. The production process within the establishment passes through several stages of which we will cast a glimpse in the next few lines.

Stage of Production

Processing stage

This is the first stage in production after receiving the product from the primary processing halls of the raw materials (green goods) and it takes place very carefully on specially equipped tables to avoid damaging the quality of the sets and care is taken to deliver the product to the selection stage in a smooth manner to save time and effort and to ensure the safety of the product’s quality.

Measuring Stage

It is known that the final product, the hank, depends on the length and number of ends required by the client and which differs from one client to the other and from one order to the other by the same client.

Salting Stage

According to all health and safety tests concerning the safety of the product, salting remains the most important stage and dangerous stages of production being responsible for the proper conservation of the product and also being classified as a critical risk point in health and safety of food. So that, it is a subject to a maximum level of control & audit.

Selection Stage

This is the most important stage of production and requires the most experience and competence. It depends on the measurement of the set’s diameter and its quality in accordance to the client’s requirements whereby the diameter measurement and its quality varies according to the nature, quality, place and origin of the product and given the importance of this stage, it passes like any other stage through a series of precision and quality tests with continuous checking to ensure the best methods of selections and measurement.