About Company

Sara casing is a company from El Wattar group, El Wattar family is one of the oldest and most prestigious families that have worked in the field of processing animal casings in the world during the eighties of the nineteenth century, in Syria, the family’s homeland. The family passed the experience and secrets of the profession from one generation to the other, contributing to the spreading of the profession in more than one country around the world, and it is known in the casings industry, especially in the Arab countries that the name (El Wattar) was and still is a symbol for a career working in the field of casings, making more than one country use the name to describe the nature of the work in the casings field.

El Wattar Group of Companies was established in 1966, beginning with El Wattar factory in Beirut, Lebanon culminating more than seventy years in the industry at the hands of Mr. Hassan El Wattar, the founder of the Group. Thirty years later, after the opening of this factory, the two El Wattar facilities in Alexandria.

By 2003, the newest and largest facility (Sara Casings) was opened to join El Wattar Group name which has always been a symbol of quality, integrity and efficiency in the market of casings, and the brand name on its products has become a symbol of quality in itself crowning more than one hundred and thirty years of effort and sweat made by the grandparents to the grandchildren.

And now, that we are on the threshold of celebrating the golden jubilee of establishing the first company of the Group, we still dream of the best and the finest for our esteemed clients and we are still on our covenant to exert all that is precious and dear to uphold the name of the Group.

The word of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

It is with great pleasure that I greet all our clients to enable them to know more about our Company.
Sara Casings was the aim of the whole El Wattar family to complete El Wattar Group of companies in order to provide a product that satisfies the demands of our kind clients, with my wishes to enjoy a glimpse of our companies with our hope that you would honor us with your visit and our pleasure in working with you.

Chairman of the Board of Directors:

Mohamed Hassan El Wattar



Deliver a product meets all the requirements of our customers and taking into account the requirements of regional and international health and always maintain the safety of workers and visitors to our facility is our mission remains the first and last.
The company holds international certification in the application of health and food safety policies in accordance with international standards ISO 22000 for the year 2005 as well as occupational health and safety policies in accordance with international standards OHASAS 18001 for the year 2007.
Over the past years the company has passed dozens of internal audits by concerned bodies The company also received acclaim from a delegation from the European Union during their last visit, to inspect the companies and entities operating in the processing and industry of casings inside Arab Republic of Egypt.



Mr. Mohamed El Wattar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sara Casings believes that (100% is only for God), but that there is nothing wrong to strive for perfection.
Thus, we not only dream of being the largest and best company for the processing and manufacturing of casings worldwide, but always strive to achieve this dream and always after every success we start thinking of the following success and always continuing from better to best.