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Sara casing is a company from El Wattar group, El Wattar family is one of the oldest and most prestigious families that have worked in the field of processing animal casings in the world during the eighties of the nineteenth century, in Syria, the family’s homeland. The family passed the experience and secrets of the profession from one generation to the other, contributing to the spreading of the profession in more than one country around the world, and it is known in the casings industry, especially in the Arab countries that the name (El Wattar) was and still is a symbol for a career working in the field of casings, making more than one country use the name to describe the nature of the work in the casings field.

Selection stage

This is the most important stage of production and requires the most expertise and efficiency. This depends on the measurement of the diameter and quality of the group according to the customer’s requirements…

Treatment stage

This is the first stage in production after the product is received from raw processing halls for raw materials (green goods). This is done very carefully on tables specially designed to avoid damage…

Salting stage

According to all health and safety tests related to product safety, salting remains the most important stage and stages of production and is responsible for maintaining and classifying the product appropriately…

Measurement stage

It is known that the final product, Hank, depends on the length and number of ends requested by the client and which vary from one client to another and order to another from the same customer…

The Wattar family is one of the oldest families have worked in the field of treatment Animal casings in the world during the 1880s, Sara casing company is one of Wattar group company.

Hussein Bakry


Sara Casing Mission

Providing a product that meets all the requirements of our customers taking into account the requirements of regional and international health and always maintain the safety of workers and visitors to our facility is our mission is still the first and last as the company received a commendation from a delegation from the European Union during their recent inspection of companies and bodies involved in the manufacture and manufacture of packaging in Republic The Arabian Egypt..

Free Zone

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